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An individual approach to each patient, using top quality materials and cutting-edge technology solutions, combined with unquestioned quality – these are the principles which have been applied for almost 15 years by the general Dental Practice Dr. Ježina.

Dr. sci. Marina A. Ježina, dr. med. dent.

Dr. Marina Ježina is member of the Croatian Chamber of Dental Medicine, Croatian Medical Association, Croatian Society of Dental Implantology, the Society of Forensic Diagnosis and Therapy, Global Institute for Dental Education (USA), and the Croatian Society of Expert Witnesses.

Dr. sci. Samra Prentić-Bakić, dr. med. dent.

Dr. Prentić Bakić is committed to the ongoing development of her professional skills and delivering excellent standards of clinical dentistry, therefore she is participating in numerous conferences and meetings. In addition, she is the author of many publications.

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Dental Center covers various branches of dentistry which includes implantology, oral surgery, prosthetics, periodontology and general dentistry.

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Alternative way treat gingival recession

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A Captain and his Mate

This week, Dental Care Croatia was visited by a globe-trotting, yacht-crew, couple. Cyril, the French Captain and Lisa, both his partner and trusted, German, crew-mate.


What does a Dental Holiday in Croatia look like?

Dental Tourism is on the up. People travel to another country, have a fantastic holiday and visit a dentist in-between their travel plans. Dental services in Croatia can cost up to 70% less than elsewhere in Europe, Australia, America and your home country. Despite this attractive price, the standards of Croatian dentistry are equal to those of European and American dentistry.