Children as patients

Prevention and treatment of dental caries in primary and young permanent teeth are among the most important tasks of our team. Sophisticated tests for assessing the risk of caries development in each patient; a detailed plan for caries prevention by applying proper brushing techniques; and different therapies that we offer our patients who are at higher risk of developing caries. – The result is an increasing number of the youngest patients.

We offer the following treatments to our youngest patients:

  • treatment of caries using glass-ionomer cements
  • monitoring and guidance of the eruption of permanent teeth
  • sealing tooth fissures
  • functional and aesthetic care for traumatized teeth
  • aesthetic restorative therapy of permanent teeth damaged by caries using superior composite material
  • antiplaque and probiotic therapy in patients with increased amounts of bacteria in the saliva
  • individual diagnosis of tooth decay and adequate therapy
  • tooth fluoridation
  • teaching proper oral hygiene
  • testing of salivary flow and its protective role (buffering capacity) by a specific test – CRT buffer